Professional Amplifiers

NX Audio brings to you a range of traditional amplifiers to suit most purposes, you have over 5 different models to suit most applications. The MC series with 3 models offers Extra ordinary Sonic quality with top notch components and unique circuit design, you have the very popular MT series with damping of over 800 and throbbing bass. Then the extremely fast selling RX series which are real work horses and work in low voltages as well . The DJ series are built like a rock with over 98% reliability and are very popular for their sweet sound. RX & DJ Series are great for mid high applications. NX audio amps are truly reliable and absolute value for money.
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MC16 / MC12 / MC9
MT1201MK2 / MT800MK2 / MT601MK2
MT1601 / MT1201 / MT701
QX6000MK2 / QX5000MK2 / QX4000MK2 / QX2500MK2
XD7000 / XD5600 / XD4000
GX7000MK2 / GX6000MK2 / GX4500MK2 / GX3000MK2 / GX2000MK2
RX5000MK2 / RX4000MK2 / RX3000MK2
RX4000 / RX3000 / RX2000
LX5000 / LX4000/ LX3000/ LX2000
DJ801 / DJ601 / DJ301 / DJ151
CX6000PRO / CX4000PRO / CX3000
EX2000 / EX1400
Total Results : 12